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Register Now for the 2020-2021 AVVC Boys & Girls Tryouts!

By AVVC Staff 09/16/2020, 8:00am EDT

Finally after many battles along the way, we are happy to announce the first tryout dates for the 2020-2021 season.  What the actual competitive season looks like, we really cannot say yet due to all the limitations facilities have as well as the lack of usable facilities during our normal season and the insertion of the fall high school girls season during the spring.   We will however provide training during the normal club season, allow for training and absences during the high school season, and when and if we can play in a tournament, we certainly will assess the safety for return to play.  Please be aware of the new Age Definitions from USA Volleyball when trying out for your age group. 

Boys Tryout Dates:

Thursday 9/24/2020 at The Express Athletic Center, 216 Tingley Lane, Edison

8:30pm-10:00pm U17's and U18's (Boys)

Monday 9/28/2020 at  The Express Athletic Center, 216 Tingley Lane, Edison 

7:15pm-8:45pm U15's and U16's (Boys)

Girls Tryout dates: 

Friday 9/18/2020 at The Express Athletic Center, 216 Tingley Lane, Edison

6:00pm-7:20pm 13's and Under

7:35pm-9:00pm 14's (Girls)

Sunday 9/20/2020 at  The Express Athletic Center, 216 Tingley Lane, Edison 

8:00am-10:00am 15's (Girls)

10:30am-12:30pm 16's (Girls)

1:00pm-2:30pm 17/18's (Girls)

Second Round of Tryout Dates To Be Announced Shortly!

REGISTER NOW! Link below.  Please also bring the AVVC COVID-19 Questionnaire to the tryout.

Due to mandates by our Governor, we are restricting the number of people into the facility.  Players will be temperature checked upon entry, must enter with a PPE, and hand in the AVVC COVID-19 Questionnaire in order to tryout.  This will be a closed tryout to parents.  

2020-2021 AVVC Club Season Preview

By AVVC Staff 09/14/2020, 4:00pm EDT

Preview of the 2020-2021 AVVC Girls Club Volleyball Season


First and foremost is the safety of our players and our staff.   At any of our facilities, we will adhere to strict safety protocols to minimize spread of any potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.  We fully expect cooperation between all players, coaches, staff and parents.


Here’s some of the changes to the typical AVVC Club Season:


 - Season Length: Our training season will begin the beginning of October (one month earlier) and run through the end of May with roughly 60+ practice dates throughout that timeframe with multiple additional clinic dates open to all AVVC players to attend.

 - Practice Location: Our primary practice location will be at The Express Athletic Center in Edison, NJ.  Once our other facilities allow for more access, we will return to our normal practice locations.

 - Break for the High School Girls Season: As the girls high school season has been inserted into the middle of the typical club season (mid February-mid April), we will continue to offer practices during that timeframe but it will be OPTIONAL to attend for all those playing in their respective high school programs.

 - Team Structure: Age groups will practice together without creation of teams until the time where we know for sure there will be a competition season. If and when we get to that point, we will reassess and create teams based on availability and interest.

 - Uniform package: All players will continue to receive their normal uniform package with their club dues (Sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, spandex, backpack). Numbered jerseys will be provided when we can return to tournament play.

From the Desk of the Club Director

By Dr. Greg Chiang 08/16/2020, 6:15pm EDT

I know many of you have heard that certain clubs have been offering early tryouts in the next few weeks.  These tryouts are NOT AUTHORIZED by GEVA and therefore the GEVA/USAV insurance is NOT in effect for these unauthorized events.  I urge many of you to be cautious regarding clubs that are not abiding by the rules of the region and more so the ones that are violating the restrictions that are in place for the sport of volleyball inside a facility due to COVID-19.  Remember that these other tryouts hold no value but to preserve a spot which the other clubs cannot honor until the authorized date of September 18th, 2020.  And even in that case, you all have the normal 3+1 rule before any accepted offer is official.  Be very careful of clubs that are going to accept your deposit to "hold" your spot when we do not even know if we will have a true season or not. 

We at AVVC, do plan to host tryouts at the appropriate time when it is authorized.  We will certainly abide by the restrictions that are in place at that time.  If it is around September 18, 2020, we will look at the restrictions mandated by the governor surrounding our sport and adjust from there.  If it is only X number of people in the gym at one time, then we will certainly adjust our tryouts accordingly.  

We certainly hope to have a normal club volleyball season but due to COVID-19, we must expect the unexpected.  Possibilities: We may have a normal season; We may have a delayed start to the season due to the pandemic and flu season; We may have a season with limited travel; We may play in region only; We may not have a season at all.  None of these are out of the realm of possibility. 

I, and the Board of Directors at Atlantic Valley Volleyball Club, hope that all of you and your families are safe and healthy.  We hope that this pandemic eases and we can resume normal activities sooner than later and we can see all of you on the court again.  

Greg Chiang

Dr. Greg Chiang

Club Director - Atlantic Valley Volleyball Club 


Below are some items that are pertinent to the 2020-2021 season from GEVA:

If a club runs a tryout prior to the authorized dates, GEVA / USA insurance is not in effect and how they are being covered if indeed they are.  Be advised we will not entertain any injury or conduct reports that are submitted for incidents occurring at any unauthorized events.  These are NOT GEVA or USAV Authorized events and GEVA nor USAV have any jurisdiction.  Please be careful who you allow to interact with your players, and please pay attention to all Federal, State and Local laws and guidelines.    

We are planning a full season in case things go unexpectedly well. 

Item 1:  We are on track to announce the process soon and open memberships on September 1st.  We will be sending you LOTS of information on the transition and membership choices themselves as a packet. 

More quick but important points:

        The Age USAV age group definitions have changed for this season. 

The Cut Off Date has been changed from September 1 until July 1.  Rationale and details are available on the website.

There are only two memberships available for JUNIOR PLAYERS this season.

There is a Developmental Membership priced at $30 which allows for participation in all GEVA authorized activities for the (tryouts, clinics, classes, training etc.) A player is not eligible to be placed on a roster or participate in competitions with this membership. 

There is a Competition Membership $65 That is for players that need to be rostered to participate in GEVA and/or USAV competitions. 

New this season is that the Developmental Membership is upgradeable to a Competition Membership $35

Note:  Youth (11 and under) and Free (8 and under) Memberships remain the same.

             The first date for Authorized tryouts for both Boys and Girls is September 18th.